Lørdag 23. september

Kl. 23:00

Klubb: Brynjolfur


Her kan vi presentere en skikkelig godbit: Brynjolfur fra Færøyene har vært en viktig del av Københavns klubbscene i en årrekke, og nå pakker han endelig kofferten med house- og techno-perler og tar turen til Bergen!

23 Bjolf

Praktisk informasjon

Dato: Sted:
23.09.2023 Kulturhuset i Bergen
Pris: Sal: Arrangementstart: Vergeordning:
100,- Hovedsalen 23:00 Ja
  • Dato: 23.09.2023
  • Sal: Kulturhuset i Bergen
  • Pris: 100,-
  • Scene: Hovedsalen
  • Arrangementstart: 23:00
  • Vergeordning: Ja

Kulturhuset i Bergen presenterer:

Klubb: Brynjolfur

Fra det engelske presseskrivet:
Copenhagen-based Brynjolfur has been passionate about electronic dance music since his early childhood. Isolated in his native country the Faroe Islands, he discovered the 90s rave culture explosion and artists like The Prodigy and Underworld through watching Party Zone and Alternative Nation on late-night MTV.
His love for a wide range of electronic dance music genres led him to DJ residencies at Copenhagen’s top house and techno clubs. Knowledge of the history of dance music is evident in his productions and DJ-sets, which blend different genres from different eras to create a unique sound that is both nostalgic and cutting edge. As an artist, Brynjolfur is known for his versatility and talent. His portfolio of releases on notable labels showcases his skills as a producer and composer.
He has performed at various events around the world, including Roskilde Festival, Sónar Festival and HÖR Berlin, both as a DJ and with his two-piece live set.

CC 100

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