Lørdag 02. oktober

Kl. 11:00

Workshop med Lisa Vereertbrugghen


Hva med litt hyperaktiv dans på en lørdagsmorgen?

Workshop med Lisa Vereertbrugghen

Praktisk informasjon

Dato: Sted:
02.10.2021 Kulturhuset i Bergen
Pris: Sal: Arrangementstart: Vergeordning:
Gratis Galleriet 11:00 Ja
  • Dato: 02.10.2021
  • Sal: Kulturhuset i Bergen
  • Pris: Gratis
  • Scene: Galleriet
  • Arrangementstart: 11:00
  • Vergeordning: Ja

BIT Teatergarasjen og Kulturhuset i Bergen presenterer:

Workshop med Lisa Vereertbrugghen

On a regular Saturday morning, let's dive into hardcore feelings. How can hyper fast, intense hardcore beats activate our bodies? How does the beat feel ? And where do you feel it? I personally think there is a political potential in this kind of activation of our bodies; Of course, we will also look into Gabber as a vocabulary and see how we can use this form as a way to express the accelerated techno pulse.

No narration, no destination, only hardcore intensification.

Everybody is welcome! No dance training or experience required, only a curiosity towards very hard techno.
Bring comfortable clothes and a water bottle, you will need them.