Torsdag 18. august

Kl. 21:00

Sarah Klang + Krissy Mary


Gøteborg-basert singer-songwriter byr på delikate country- og Americana-vibber. Support: Krissy Mary. (NB! Denne konserten er flyttet fra Landmark)

18 klang

Praktisk informasjon

Dato: Sted:
18.08.2022 Kulturhuset i Bergen
Pris: Scene: Innslipp: Konsertstart: Vergeordning:
275,- Hovedsalen 20:00 21:00 Ja
  • Dato: 18.08.2022
  • Scene: Kulturhuset i Bergen
  • Pris: 275,-
  • Scene: Hovedsalen
  • Innslipp: 20:00
  • Konsertstart: 21:00
  • Vergeordning: Ja

Perfect Sounds Forever, Landmark Bergen presenterer:

Sarah Klang + Krissy Mary

Fra det engelske presseskrivet:

Falling in love with music as a teen, Sarah Klang used to work part-time shifts in her Dad’s restaurant, able to play what she liked over the speakers. Later attending the Uddevalla music school in Sweden, it took Sarah years to find a way to communicate, before overwhelming success entered her life.

The Gothenburg singer is an award-winning, chart smashing sensation. Her stunning 2018 debut album ‘Love In The Milky Way’ won ‘Best Album’ at the Swedish Grammys, with 2019’s equally divine follow up ‘Creamy Blue’ nominated for both ‘Best Album’ and ‘Best Alternative Pop’ categories, as well as receiving a nomination for ‘European Album of the Year’ at the IMPALA Award.

This whirlwind rise was suddenly halted at the start of 2020. With the pandemic shuttering live music, Sarah was forced to sit still, and this meant a change in emphasis in her life. Looking inwards, she began to self-analyze, finding a new sense of peace in the process. New album ‘Virgo’ is the result – a break with her past while still embodying that classic sound, it affords Sarah Klang fresh space to explore, while allowing her ambitions to escalate.

‘Virgo’ is perhaps the most daring, immediate album of Sarah’s career. It’s songwriting fueled by sky-high ambitions and a commitment to speaking her truth, at whatever the cost. Bringing these different elements of her life together, ‘Virgo’ is also a mosaic of sounds and influences, leaning heavily on 80s pop, 90s R&B, and the vintage legacy of those great Swedish songwriters.

When she was a teen Sarah Klang fastidiously kept journals, small diaries documenting her every thoughts. Now she’s got albums – and ‘Virgo’ is the vivid tale of a bold chapter in her life. “I think music turned me into an open person, and this album is more about me. Things I talk about with my therapist, I guess! Maybe it’s me getting older, too, and seeing things in a different way.”